Tips For Cleaning Your Boat Canvas

Main Key Tips For Cleaning Your Boat Canvas:

Hello boaters, summer is finally here. Here are some tips on boat and Outdoor canvas and interior care and maintenance.

Canvas Cleaning:

Boat canvas is subjected to more severe punishment than practically any other type of canvas or fabric item. Despite the fact that canvas products must adhere to strict criteria, they should not be disregarded for lengthy periods of time, particularly during bad weather. To maintain the longevity of your marine canvas, keep it clean.

The real key to canvas longevity is like all things in life, maintenance. Keep your canvas clean of dust, dirt and environmental residue on a regular basis. Acryee Fabrics should be cleaned of any dirt buildup at regular intervals.

The following tips can be used on most Outdoor fabrics made for outdoors use:

boat canvas

The fabric itself will not support the growth of mildew, but if dirt or moisture is allowed to remain on the fabric for any length of time, it will support mildew growth. Dirt can create a starting point for mildew when moisture is present.

Cleaning periodically with a recommended mild cleaner and water will extend the life of the canvas and provide a better appearance.

Using too a strong cleaner will damage delicate surfaces like fabric and plastics. As you know it is expensive to have them replaced. You should only use a cleaner that is designed specifically for marine fabrics to ensure you do not wash away your water repellent coating.

Follow the Proper Procedure:

We know what you’re thinking: “procedure? For boat cleaning?” But it’s important that you clean the proper way to prevent issues like drying, cracking, and even unsightly water spots.

There are a few basic ideas here:

Give yourself plenty of room:

A canvas boat cover can be very large. Without enough room to clean, you face a lot of maneuvering, folding, and awkward positions. Take the time to find some open space so you can clean it effectively.

Boat Canvas

Use the right tools:

 A small kitchen sponge isn’t going to get the job done—at least not anytime soon. Find a larger brush that will make quick work of the canvas so you can get it drying.

Proper rinsing and drying:

These two steps go hand-in-hand, but you’d be surprised at how many boat owners forget all about them. The rinsing gets rid of the last of the soap while the drying ensures an attractive final finish.

Start with a bucket of warm water (if possible) and the recommended amount of cleaner. Apply the cleaner with a dense, soft brush. Don't let the soap dry! Rinse well, repeat steps again if you don't get the results you wanted the first time.

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Stitching around windows seems to be a place where dark stains and mildew take hold. It is especially important to let the cleaner have a chance to loosen the dirt; don't be in a hurry to rinse the area.

After the cleaner has had a chance to lift the dirt it is time to scrub around all the stitching. Rinse well!

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