About Acryee® High Performance Outdoor Canvas

Performance & Value

The fiber of the Acryee® brand is our commitment to consistently delivering our customers the highest performing outdoor canvas at the best possible price. 

After many years of experiencing the declining performance of the industries leading outdoor fabric brand, our team set out to deliver the highest performing outdoor canvas.

We partnered with a vertically integrated manufacturing operation with an ISO 9000 certification, giving Acryee® complete control of every aspect of the manufacturing process from the spinning of the yarn, to the weaving of the fabric, to our proprietary finishes and coatings. Providing Acryee® with the ability to specify and deliver the highest performing solution dyed acrylic canvas in the world.

Environmentally Safe

Acryee® High Performance Outdoor Fabrics are certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 seal, which indicates that none of our fabrics contain carcinogenic substances or volatile components and do not present danger to humans or the environment 

Certified Quality  System

All Acryee® fabrics are manufactured under the criteria and requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system

Superior Solar Protection

Acryee® is the best option for protection from the sun. Its tight weave together with its quality of its fibers blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays, reducing heat and glare. Our fabrics strictly comply with the UV Standard 801, a method of analysis to determine Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). 

Made to last

Our use of high quality raw materials and demanding manufacturing specifications provide Acryee® fabrics with unbeatable colorfastness, high mechanical resistance to abrasion, traction, tear, mold and mildew.


These features ensure Acryee® fabrics keep their strength , color and beauty for many years.

The Acryee® Promise

Our promise is really quite simple....

 At Acryee we are dedicated to our providing customers with the best value and highest quality outdoor performance canvas in the world.