Acryee® Marine & Awning | Navy Blue


The Acryee® Marine & Awning line of high-performance outdoor canvas boasting a 9oz. densely woven canvas made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic fiber. This powerhouse outdoor canvas fabric offers an extremely dense weave, stiff finish, and is highly water-resistant.

Ideal for Marine, Awning and Outdoor Living Applications.

Acryee® Marine & Awning | Navy Blue

Acryee® Decor Line


Acryee® Decor is a stylish line of 8oz. high performance solution-dyed acrylic canvas. The Decor line of fabrics are made of100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers woven into an 8oz. soft to the touch, powerhouse outdoor performance canvas fabric.


8.oz Canvas

100% Solution Dyed Acrylic

Repels Water & Oil

Dirt & Stain Resistant


Soft & Comfortable

Resists Mold & Mildew

Color & Fade Resistant

Bright, Resilient Colors

Easy to Clean & Maintain

FOREVER Finishing 

5 Year Warranty


Sold by Yard or Roll

Width 55″

20 Solid Colors


Industries Tightest Weave

Better to Cut & Sew

Stiff finished



No Shrinkage or Deformation


MARINE: Awnings, Cushions, Biminis, Covers, Upholstery

OUTDOOR LIVING: Curtains, Sun Sails, Umbrellas, Upholstery, Cushions, Pillow Covers,

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Acryee Decor | Data & Testing Specification

CharacteristicsAcryee DecorCertification / Standard
DescriptionAcryee® Decor is a stylish line of 8oz. high performance solution-dyed acrylic canvas. The Decor line of fabrics are made of100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers woven into an 8oz. soft to the touch, powerhouse outdoor performance canvas fabric.
Unit SaleFull Roll or Cut By The Yard
Composition100% Solution-dyed acrylic fiber
Weight8 oz/yd / 270 g/mUNE-EN 12127
Available Width55” / 139.7 cm
Type of fabricReversible acrylic
Finish ProcessSpecial “FOREVER” treatment for upholstery  that repels water and dirt, creating an anti-stain and anti-mould barrier, whilst allowing the canvas to breathe.BS7209
FinishFluorocarbon /Resin
Standard roll length65.6 yards / 60 m
Color range20 Solid Colors
Marine applicationsAwnings, Biminis & T-Tops, Boat Covers, Dodgers, Enclosures, Exterior Cushions, Sacrificial Sail Covers, Sail Bags, Sail Covers, Weather Cloths, Windshield Covers, Pillows
Outdoor Living applicationsOutdoor Upholstery, & Pergolas Cushions, Drapery / Curtains, Indoor Upholstery, Outdoor Upholstery, Pillows, Umbrellas
RV & Auto applicationsAwnings
Warranty5 Year
Technical FeaturesAcryee Marine & AwningCertification / Standard
Water column≥ 200 mmUNE EN ISO 20811
UV Resistance1500 + hoursAATCC-16
Abrasion Rating40,000 RubsUNE-EN-ISO 12947-2
Hydrostatic Pressure40 cm
Puncture StrengthNA
Tensile strength warp / weft394 Ibs / 157 IbsUNE EN ISO 13934-1
Tear strength warp / weft18 Ibs / 13.5 lbsUNE UNE-EN ISO13937-2
Shrinkage  warp / weft0.1% /  0%Method 5804
Stretch warp / weft0% / 0%ASTM D-2594
Elongation at break  warp / weftUNE-EN ISO 13934-1
Color fastness to artificial light – Xenotest4-5 (Good – Excellent) Gray scale7-8 (Very good – Excellent) Blue scaleUNE-EN ISO 105 B02
Color fastness to artificial weathering – Xenotest4 (Good) Gray scaleUNE-EN ISO 105 B04
Oil repellency≥ 5UNE-EN ISO 14419
Water repellency≥ 4UNE-EN ISO 4920
Performance in saline environmentNo blistering. No cracking. No changeUNE-EN ISO 9227:2012
Resistance to chemical agents diluted in waterWindow cleaning fluid – No changeAmmonia – No changeAlcohol – No changeBleach – No changeGrease removing detergent – Slight darkeningUNE-EN ISO 2812-1:2018
Antimicrobial activityUp to 99,99% bacteria growth reductionAATCC Test Method 100-2012
Antimicrobial activityNo fungi growth, fungistatic fabric – Grade 0UNE-EN ISO 846:1998


A technological finishing process that uses nanoparticles to completely cover the surface or each fibre, forming a permanent barrier coat to both sides of the fabric to ensure the lasting quality of the already durable, solution dyed acrylic fiber in all Acryee® canvas fabrics.

Environmentally Safe

Acryee® High Performance Outdoor Fabrics are certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 seal, which indicates that none of our fabrics contain carcinogenic substances or volatile components and do not present danger to humans or the environment 

Certified Quality  System

All Acryee® fabrics are manufactured under the criteria and requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system

Superior Solar Protection

Acryee® is the best option for protection from the sun. Its tight weave together with its quality of its fibers blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays, reducing heat and glare. Our fabrics strictly comply with the UV Standard 801, a method of analysis to determine Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). 

Made to last

Our use of high quality raw materials and demanding manufacturing specifications provide Acryee® fabrics with unbeatable colorfastness, high mechanical resistance to abrasion, traction, tear, mold and mildew.


These features ensure Acryee® fabrics keep their strength , color and beauty for many years.